Stone Statues


Caststone Statues

Our caststone statues are made with finest care, based on 2 parts of fine lavasand and 1 part of cement. The small statues are casted full but the larger ones are made hollow so they won't be so heavy. The statues are finished carefully by hand through hammer and chissel to provide deep reliefs at the surface. We buy direct at the producers to provide a low price.

Natural Greenstone Statues

This green mountainstone is very beautiful and has a natural appearance. Large pieces of this stone are used by the stonecarvers for mostly their traditional Hindu - and Buddhafigures. Nowadays many modern styles are carved from this stone.

Natural Lavastone / Andesitstone Statues

This lavastone used for our statues collection is also called Andesitstone. This stone is more gray while after eruption of the vulcan this stone lava cooled down very slowly. Because of this the stone became very hard and massiv. A high class quality stone who gets a beautifull soft mossy film while outside.

Stone Statues

Our largest catagory; Stone statues

At this moment we sell most caststone statues, this because the low price and beutiful finishing. The handcarved statues made out of natural lavastone and greenstone we even can offer in attractive prices while we buy directly at the stonecarvers.